Let's make a custom plan tailored to your companies specific needs:

Let's get to work getting you great software professionals!

How we work for you:

The TechnoMatch team spends 100’s of hours reviewing1000’s of profiles (so you don’t have to) in order to reach out to the most appropriate 10-20% candidates for your opening.

We phone screen to your standards:

Appropriate looking candidates are routinely phone screened with questions provided by the hiring manager for the opening within 4 hours of receiving the candidates resume. If candidates are deemed appropriate, they are then forwarded on for review by the hiring manager.

Would you like your own seasoned recruiting team?

Kevin Scott, the owner of TechnoMatch leads all sourcing/recruiting projects. We are available for short-term contingency staffing and long-term partnerships.

Contact us directly to design a recruitment program that is tailored to your specific needs.

TechnoMatch offers contingency placement services for non pre-paid customers at a cost which is the industry standard of 20%-25% of the first year's salary and includes a 90-day guarantee.