About Us

Kevin Scott, Senior Technical Recruiter, SPHR/CIR

Kevin has over 25 years experience staffing with industry leaders such as Amazon, Google, GoPro, Fidelity Investments and a wide range of startups in Boston, NYC and Silicon Valley. Holding degrees in Business and Political Science, Kevin is also a certified Scrum Master.

Slava Volkov, Senior Technical Recruiter

Slava holds a MS degree in Computer Security, along with certifications from other institutions, such as Harvard and MIT.

Yury Kazansky, Senior Technical Recruiter/Data Scientist

Yury is the lead Data Scientist who pulls together a wide range of tools, algorithms and methodologies to get the contact information for our network of candidates.

Natalia Zeltser, Senior Sourcing Specialist

Natalia has an MS degree in teaching and mathematics.

Anna Artemova, Senior Technical Recruiter

Anna leads the direct recruitment of candidates for the most highly specified candidate requirements.