We have 2 offerings

100 hour search contract

The first is a 100 hour search contract which usually fills your opening for 1/3 of what the average agency placement fee. Our fee is a flat $9500.00 for a total of 200 hours sourcing.

We offer a 200-hour dedicated search, where we recruit, source and reach out to the most qualified engineers in our network utilizing the exact criteria that you have given us in order to fill your opening. If we fill just one opening, we offer a 66% savings over the traditional agency fee, for just one Senior-level opening. If we fill 2 openings, the savings become even more dramatic

Long-term sourcing contract

Flexible and affordable:

We offer you a 2-person sourcing team on a 3-month, 6-month or 12 month basis at a cost as low as $85.00 per/hour. Additional sourcers can be added for an additional $30.00 per/hour to suit your sourcing needs for that particular month.

TechnoMatch offers contingency placement services for non pre-paid customers at a cost which is equal to 20% of the first year's salary and includes a standard 90-day pro-rated guarantee.

The TechnoMatch team gives you access to a superior network of engineers and at the same time offers significant cost per/hire savings.

If you have not signed a sourcing contract with TechnoMatch, our fee is the industry standard 20% for a contingency placement of a Software Engineer.

We work to save you money by bypassing all of that and giving all of the candidates in our network direct access to your openings.