Let's make a custom plan tailored to your companies specific needs:

Let's get to work getting you great software professionals!

How we work for you:

The TechnoMatch team spends 100’s of hours reviewing1000’s of profiles (so you don’t have to) in order to reach out to the most appropriate 10-20% candidates for your opening.

We phone screen to your standards:

Appropriate looking candidates are routinely phone screened with questions provided by the hiring manager for the opening within 4 hours of receiving the candidates resume. If candidates are deemed appropriate, they are then forwarded on for review by the hiring manager.

The TechnoMatch difference:

We are fast, efficient and detail oriented.

We use your criteria/list of questions when reviewing candidates, this speeding up the process significantly.

All candidate profiles and resumes are submitted with an interview summary.

Other recruiters can’t match our low cost incentives!

Our fees for multiple hires are up to 50% lower than the competition.

We offer 25-50% discounts for multiple hires!

If you hire one person within 60 days, the fee is 20%. If you hire a second person within 60 days of the first person's start date, the fee is 15%. If you hire a third person within 60 additional days, the agency fee is reduced 50% to only 10% of the first years salary for that hire and any additional hire within 60 days of the start date of the last hire.

Would you like your own seasoned recruiting team?

For less than the cost of a Senior Recruiter to come onsite, TechnoMatch can offer you a 2-person team!

2 people for the price of one:

This agreement is for TechnoMatch's owner, Kevin Scott (23 years experience) and an additional recruiter to work exclusively for your company for a 3-6 month period.


Our rate is only $95.00 per/hour. (the average cost for a Senior Recruiter working alone usually exceeds $100/hr).

TechnoMatch offers contingency placement services for non pre-paid customers at a cost which is equal to 20% of the first year's salary and includes a standard 90-day pro-rated guarantee.

The TechnoMatch team gives you access to a superior network of engineers and at the same time offers significant cost per/hire savings.

If you have not signed a sourcing contract with TechnoMatch, our fee is the industry standard 20% for a contingency placement of a Software Engineer.

We work to save you money by bypassing all of that and giving all of the candidates in our network direct access to your openings.