About Us

Kevin Scott, SPHR/CIR

Kevin holds degrees with honors in Business and Political Science. He is also SPHR (Senior Professional Human Resources) trained and holds a CIR (Certified Internet Recruiter) certification.A former Selectman in his hometown of Wakefield, Kevin has also been published in both the USA and Europe on issues related to economics/politics

Slava Volkov, CTO

Slava holds a MS degree in Computer Security, along with certifications from other institutions, such as Harvard and MIT. Slava helps set up all social media research programs, along with web site design, data mining and applications development for TechnoMatch.

Yury Kazansky

Yury is the lead Data Scientist who pulls together a wide range of tools, algorithms and methodologies to get the contact information for our network of candidates. Yury is also proficient in a wide range of scripting languages and has built several custom TechnoMatch applications with tools such as Python, Scala and ROR. Yuri holds a BA in logistics and is currently finishing his MS in Computer Science.

Natalia Zeltser

Natalia helps lead the social media recruitment side of the business and is personally responsible for identifying high probability candidates for our team to pro-actively reach out to. Natalia has an MS degree in teaching and mathematics.

Anna Artemova, Boston Java Community Director at TechnoMatch

Anna leads the direct recruitment of candidates for the most highly specified candidate requirements. Being an expert in online candidate search using a wide range of tools including Boolean Search, Anna has a long track record of successfully finding the most qualified candidates for the most difficult to fill positions. Anna holds an MS degree in English and mathematics.